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Luxury Retail | August 10, 2022

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Anniversary - Luxury Retail

GUCCI GARDEN ARCHETYPES to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary

22/10/2021 |

Gucci Garden Archetypes is a kaleidoscopic showcase celebrating the Italian fashion brand’s 100th anniversary

It’s a big year for Gucci: the luxury fashion house is hitting its 100th anniversary and creative director Alessandro Michele is celebrating in a big way.

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Tequila Clase Azul Anniversary

25/07/2019 |

For that special occasion – A tequila bottle that costs $30,000

Born-and-bred in Mexico, a bottle of the most expensive quality of Clase Azul is priced at $30,000. With such an expensive price tag, the primary audience for this bottle is a plethora of high-profile events including movie premieres and celebrity affairs.

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Swatch X Damien Hirst “Limited edition MM”

19/11/2018 |

Swatch and Damien Hirst join forces for limited edition Mickey Mouse watches

Celebrating Mickey Mouse ‘s birthday month in full swing is watch master Swatch and noted designer Damien Hirst who recently joined hands for a limited – edition MM inspired watch collection. Read More

The Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch

10/07/2018 |

Jaquet Droz has created a one-off Parrot Repeater pocket watch to celebrate the company’s 280th anniversary

To celebrate its 280th anniversary, Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has introduced a Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch – a one-of-a-kind timepiece with five animations on the dial and a host of decorative techniques and gem-setting adorning its 56 mm, 18k rose gold case. Read More

Mazinger Z gold

09/10/2017 |

Mazinger Z – Manga’s famous robot gets a 24k gold statue

For anyone who has been to Japan knows the country’s love for Manga. Irrespective of age the comics have a following of their own and it’s huge. Read More

Coffee table is inspired by Princess Leia’s

16/05/2017 |

This coffee table designed by Zara Hadid is inspired by Princess Leia’s iconic side buns

Thanks to the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Star Wars, we the fans have been treated to a deluge of memorabilia and collectables marking the momentous occasion. Read More