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Luxury Retail | June 27, 2022

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Retail Design - Luxury Retail

Christian Louboutin Dolls

14/01/2016 |

Christian Louboutin Dolls Put Up A Magical Show At Printemps Paris

French department store Printemps has gone out for its 150th anniversary and Christian Louboutin is participating in the celebrations. Read More

Fendi new pop-up store, Ginza

08/01/2016 |

Fendi opens new pop-up store in Ginza, with a fur tree taking center stage

Luxury Italian brand Fendi has adorned the arms of the rich and famous in Japan for the last 50 years. And to celebrate this landmark anniversary, the brand inaugurated Fendi Ginza, a new pop-up store in Ginza, Tokyo. Read More

Bond Bar

13/08/2015 |

Bond Bar, Melbourne – Australia

The original Bond was built within an existing car-park. Its character and appeal were derived from its dimensions – long and low, and removed from the busy CBD surrounds. Bond’s owners wanted this character to be maintained but modernised, and made once again synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Read More