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Luxury Retail | May 30, 2024

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Hermès Kuala Lumpur

Hermès Kuala Lumpur

Hermès has reopened the doors of its renovated and expanded store in The Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Almost a decade after the opening of the original, this second store reveals a new spacious design to welcome the house’s sixteen métiers.

The design, underlined by a deep connection between the natural world and traditional craftsmanship, features an evocative use of materiality and colour that brings out the authenticity of the local culture.

Located on the ground floor of the Gardens Mall, the store unveils a façade made of an intricate assemblage of bamboo and cane, reminiscent of traditional and local weaving. Their rhythmic patterns liven up the windows of the store, accessible via two entrances. The natural light, the curved of the walls and the recessed ceiling lights indicate the way through each métier.

Traditional Malaysian vernacular architecture is echoed in the distinct flooring and partitions. The Grecques lighting as well as the emblematic Faubourg mosaic are reinterpreted and rendered for the first time in bamboo marquetry on variant shades. Visitors discover the silk universe at the main entrance before encountering on the left side the perfume and beauty area, animated by a backdrop of ombré lacquered wood and followed by the homeware collections.

The renovated store design, envisaged by the architectural agency RDAI in Paris, combines ancestral Malaysian crafts with that of the house. Locally sourced materials, which are used throughout the entire space, are harnessed and employed in contemporary ways. The beauty and warmth of the wood are enlivened by a sun-drenched colour palette in gradient hues of deep yellow, ombre and rust.

Lively carpets with hand-tufted textures animated with a pixelated batik print underline the homeware, jewelry and ready-to-wear collections. The walls of more intimate spaces, such as private rooms and fitting rooms, are clad in raw silk paneling in champagne and deep orange hues.

The decor is complemented by etchings, illustrations, and painted canvases from the Émile Hermès collection, including vivid graphic paintings by the French artist Paul Fleury. These sit alongside contemporary works by the French photographer Thierry Ardouin and carré prints by Polish illustrator Jan Bajtlik. A special window display of hand-made puppets reimagines “Wayang Kulit”, the traditional Malaysian theatre, with a modern twist to illuminate the 2024 theme In the Spirit of the Faubourg.

Established in the centre of the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Hermès invites loyal customers and new visitors to discover the breadth and modernity of its creations in a unique and welcoming environment that combines inspiration with exceptional know-how.

By cpp-luxury