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Luxury Retail | April 13, 2024

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Montblanc Spider Metamorphosis - Luxury Retail

Montblanc Spider Metamorphosis

Montblanc’s new limited edition collection of writing instruments celebrates spiders with diamonds and precious gems

You wouldn’t think that a spider would be an alluring enough motif for a luxury company to draw inspiration from, but Montblanc proves us wrong yet again.

Montblanc High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition 1 White Gold

This edition features a solid white gold cap and barrel set with a full pavé of brilliant diamonds. The spider web motif is created in three-dimension from Au 750 solid gold with every individual piece hand engraved and hand polished. The cap features a spider made from a pear cut diamond (approx. 0,62 ct D/F) with its legs set with another 16 diamonds. The jewel secured with a unique triple closure mechanism can be removed to be worn separately as a bracelet or a brooch. The top of the cap is modelled like a spider with a brilliant cut diamond as its body (5,25 cts, D/FL) and two brilliant cut diamonds as its eyes. The end of the pen’s clip is set with a baguette diamond. The nib features a special representation of the spider engraved in the Au750 solid gold embellished with two brilliant cut diamonds.

Montblanc High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition 1 Champagne Gold

This edition marries the brilliant diamonds on the cap and barrel with solid champagne gold forming the intricate web design. The spider on the cap features an impressive 1,07 cts oval cut Myanmar ruby which can be removed and worn in a bracelet. The instrument is crowned by a brilliant cut diamond (approx. 5 cts, DIF/FL) flanked by two diamonds set alongside it representing the spider’s eyes.

Montblanc High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition 1 Red Gold

The cap and barrel of this solid red gold instrument is fully set with a pavé with sapphire degradé from light blue to dark blue. On the cap is the three-dimensional red gold web and the spider. The movable spider can be worn as brooch or an elegant tiepin. As an homage to the creative influence of night on literary geniuses, the cap top is set with a 12,36 cts. Burmese star sapphire in cabochon cut with two small diamonds brilliant cut as the spider’s eyes. When viewed under a direct light source, a six-rayed star will appear to float across the surface of the star sapphire.

High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition 5, 10 and 88

Limited to just five pieces, the High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition 5 featurres a cap and barrel made of solid white gold, embellished with parts of a spiderweb in full pavé set of dark blue sapphires.

Meanwhile the intricate spider web in solid gold is partly set with small and the spider on the side of the cap is set with a blue Madagascar oval cut 1,22 ct. sapphire. This sapphire can be worn as a tiepin. The cap top is crowned with a Star Sapphire cabochon from Myanmar, 8,04 ct with two small blue sapphires round cut as eyes. Because of the rare asterism phenomenon, the small inclusions in the stone make the star sapphire shimmer like a star by night.

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