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Luxury Retail | July 17, 2019

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MPX-3 Electric Surfboard

18/03/2014 |

Stunning MPX-3 Electric Surfboard by Waterwolf

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Great-Looking Zero Vespa Segway Scooter by Bel & Bel

15/03/2014 |

The fantastic Vespa-inspired Segway was designed by a Spanish company called Bel & Bel.

This lovely little 2-wheeler basically functions just as any regular Segway does, but we have to admit that its looks represent a major improvement over the standard model.
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Spike S-512 supersonic jet

28/02/2014 |

Spike S-512 supersonic jet features windowless cabin for panoramic views

Spike aerospace, designers of the spike S-512 supersonic jet , an aircraft with an advanced engine and airframe technology capable of cruising at average speeds of mach 1.6-1.8 (1060-1200 mph), … Read More

Capsule water boats

15/02/2014 |

Production has begun on italian boat company jet capsule‘s latest invention, a private 5 person and nine person taxi version.

After the initial concept presentation five years ago, the unusual form was finally unveiled at the 2013 monaco show, … Read More

Oliver’s travels offers luxury submarine underwater getaway

12/02/2014 |

A luxury submarine which accommodates two, taking couples undersea for a private evening submerged beneath the ocean waves.

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Zai for Bentley

05/02/2014 |

Zai for Bentley skis get combine technology, elegance and sportsmanship we expect from a Bentley vehicle skis professional performance.

The Swiss manufacturer of zai skis began his walk more than ten years ago and quickly became one of the highlights … Read More