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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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The Swedish Icehotel - Luxury Retail

The Swedish Icehotel

Sleep Amongst Art in The Ever-Changing Swedish Icehotel

The Swedish Icehotel is a travel lodge and art exhibition melded into one, temporarily hand-sculpted entirely out of natural ice.

Art and travel enthusiasts assemble! Experience the cold in an ever-changing landscape of art crafted from ice and snow. The Swedish Icehotel, two hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle is a travel lodge and art exhibition melded into one.

Creating a new guise every winter, the hotel is temporarily sculpted entirely out of natural ice, which eventually melts back into the Torne River in Spring. Featuring 20 standard ice rooms, the hotel includes 15 art-inspired suites, showcasing an immense array of masterful work by over accomplished 33 creators from Germany, the United Kingdom, United States and Kiruna.

Their work ranges from enormous handcrafted felines to the Santorini coast, the hotel aims to create warm feelings of security and embrace, despite the cold climate.

Providing guests with complimentary jackets and Arctic sleeping bags, the hotel’s temperature is maintained at an estimate 23 degrees at all times, with other indoor amenities such as an ice chapel and bar.

The Icehotel’s winter residence is available annually from December through April, with fresh renditions and brand new art to experience every season since the last three decades. The hotel also offers warm accommodation, all year round, in the form of chalets and standard rooms, thanks to the addition of its latest solar-powered heating system.

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