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Luxury Retail | July 21, 2024

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Swarovski new brand identity and store revamp

Swarovski new brand identity and store revamp

Swarovski reveals new brand identity and store redesign

The world’s largest crystal manufacturer, Swarovski, has revealed a new brand identity, which it states offers a “bold vision that celebrates crystal in all its forms”

The revamped Swarovski will also introduce new brick-and-mortar concept stores to bring to life the Swarovski Wonderlab. With 28 Instant Wonder stores to be unveiled in key global markets, as well as in two new locations in Paris and New York.

At the heart of the rebrand is a refresh of the renowned brand’s signature swan logo, which Engelbert explains has been reimagined through the filter of the Wonderlab, her imaginary crystal world.

Engelbert, explained in a statement: “The Wonderlab is where science and magic meet, where extra and elegance collide, it is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience as we invite them into our new world at Swarovski.”

The infamous Swarovski Swan logo

To enter this new world, the Swan has been turned to face the customer, to signify the brand’s new direction “head on, poised to take flight”. The swan has been given a streamlined form, with an elongated neck and placed in a “candylike octagon wrapping,” which the founder of Swarovski, Daniel explains is “a nod to a faceted crystal, evoking the unrivalled craftsmanship of Swarovski’s master cutters”.

The new streamlined design it adds has been crafted to “reinforce the brand’s ever-forward momentum”

The swan has been a long-standing beacon of the brand’s self-expression, added Swarovski, and symbolically, the swan represents the beauty of nature and eternal love, a sentiment it notes is mirrored by its love of crystal.

By adapting its emblem, Daniel states that it is reinforcing its “pride for heritage as well as its vision for the future”.

Swarovski’s creative director Giovanna Engelbert unveils new brand vision and Instant Wonder store concept.

The brand’s chief executive officer, Robert Buchbauer, said in a statement: “Swarovski is a company rooted in innovation and reinvention. For 126 years, we have stayed true to our DNA as a brand while rising to meet the needs of an evolving world. We look forward to unveiling this new chapter in our history; one that will mark us as a true crystal lifestyle for the future.”

Alongside the redesigned logo, Swarovski will be unveiling what it calls “Instant Wonder” stores in key global markets that will be a “feast for the senses”. The first redesign will open, February 23 in Milan, followed by a further 27 across North America, Europe and APAC, including new locations in Paris and New York. With details on Instant Wonder stores coming to the UK to be announced in the coming months, added the brand.

The stores have been designed to reflect the brand’s upcoming campaign and new visual identity, and will introduce shoppers to a “sensorial retail space” enhanced by vibrant colours and textures, metallic sculptures, and innovative materials that Swarovski states “work together to encourage exploration and self-expression”.

Swarovski’s Instant Wonder stores aim to provide an immersive, mesmerising experience in the world of jewellery that leaves a lasting, inspiring impression with a “candy-like dreamscape filled with the full spectrum of crystal lifestyle pieces” including loose components, jewellery, watches, figurines and accessories, and furnished with a backdrop of Swarovski’s octagonal logo silhouette, created from the new packaging.

Alongside openings in select cities, the Instant Wonder stores will be supported by both live and digital activations, designed in partnership with Paris-based Villa Eugenie to create “an emotive stirring of magic for customers”. These activations will include virtual tours, sneak previews of collection pieces and lifestyle content to further immerse and engage customers.

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