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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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"St Eriks potato chips" - Luxury Retail

“St Eriks potato chips”

World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips Come in an Ultra-Lavish Box at US$12 a Chip

Not long after releasing a particularly stunning batch of India Pale Ale, the brewers at St Eriks Brewery – one of Sweden’s finest microbreweries – felt something amiss. A fine beer is a fine beer, but surely one of such calibre deserves a snack as worthy? So birthed the world’s most exclusive potato chips, to accompany the fascinatingly sweet yet hoppy St. Eriks India Pale Ale.

In collaboration with the Swedish Cookland team, the Swedish microbrewery just released the most expensive potato chips in the world at more than US$12 per chip. Take caution that these ultra-precious chips are nothing like your everyday bag of chips, where you liberally crunch them by the sloppy handfuls. No, these chips are so precious, they come in a highly exclusive box of just five pieces, laid out to flaunt the dazzling potato gems they are.

Are these chips made of gold, you ask? Well, almost – each delicately handcrafted piece of potato chip is by the talented Swedish National Culinary Team, and not without a perfectly balanced blend of some of the most exclusive ingredients available in the Nordics, from the famed Matsutake to the exotic truffle seaweed from the far off Faroe Islands. Other exclusive ingredients include the fresh, powerful Crown Dill, hand-picked from the dramatic landscapes of Sweden’s Bjäre Peninsula, the lovely Leksand onion and a touch of India Pale Ale Wort for some sweetness. Ammarnäs Potatoes, famously planted and harvested by hand due to the steep, stony slopes from where it was cultivated in very limited numbers, make the foundation of the chips.

Of course, each box is meant to be savoured with the stunning St Eriks India Pale Al, for the best taste experience. Only 100 boxes at US$62 a pop are available for sale, with a document of authenticity and perhaps, a pair of pincers to highlight its exquisiteness. Extravagant they may be, but the St Eriks potato chips are sold for a cause, with all proceeds from the sale donated to charity.

By luxury-insider