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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Google Glass - Luxury Retail

Google Glass worthy of science fiction film materialize in reality to allow us to take pictures, record video, check our e-mails and even read the news without having to have a computer nearby. This is possible because it uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless networked our Smartphone.

The glasses have a small screen visible over his right eye. His right arm contains the parts that make their operation as the processor and RAM, among others, and is equipped with a touchpad that can be used to scroll through different screens or slide. You can slide down to clean the screen or ‘click’ to select an option.

What can change in our lives?

One of the first things that Google will allow users Glass is able to enjoy the surroundings while reporting and query their e-mails. However, we also speak of the possibilities for advertising and the way in which travel live.
As for travel, Google Maps and Street View have become useful tools for travelers. They offer opportunities to find new attractions, hotels, restaurants and other services. With these glasses, users will have direct access to maps, from their perspective.