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Luxury Retail | July 13, 2024

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Alexander Wang's Glow in the Dark Dreams - Luxury Retail

Alexander Wang’s Glow in the Dark Dreams

There’s been much banter on a 90s Renaissance, a trip back to the grunge life complete with liberty florals, flannels and lingerie-inspired dresses topped with natty furs. Alexander Wang’s glow-in-the-dark accessories for Spring 2013 don’t so much harken back to the 90s — they seem far more of the future — but they doubtlessly would have made a welcome addition to the decade’s prolific rave scene. Glow stick references aside, these sandals that serve as chic white go-tos by day and undeniable party shoes by night, illustrate Wang’s cool kid take on minimalism — but also that he’s willing to have a bit of fun with fashion. For the record, so are we.

GLOW IN THE DARK high-heeled t-strap sandal in glacier with pointed toe front and ankle buckle detail as well as clear plastic band across foot. This item glows in the dark after being left under direct light for a recommended amount of 1 hour.