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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Shiseido Future Solution LX Store by I IN

The first flagship store of Shiseido’s skincare brand, FUTURE SOLUTION LX.

Under the theme of “turning the mystery of nature into beauty”, the brand has been developed as the finest skin care products in Shiseido.

In this project, in addition to expressing the brand’s identity in a pure form, the design has been requested to express a store design with a completely new presence. By paying attention to the soft light and dynamism created by the smooth shapes, and the power of the material derived from Japan, which is also the essence of the brand, I IN expressed the delicate charm that makes us feel the mysterious power of nature and the atmosphere of Japan.

I IN aimed at a design that feels the new era of technology that sublimes it into an absolute beauty.

The facade with an organic form allows the customer to feel the dynamic energy of nature, with its walls finished in a plaster with fine irregularities, and gently inviting people like a vessel.

The iridescent light that is the product color of FUTURE SOLUTION LX gently flows on the central screen that illuminates the entire store. It also creates the sparkle of the prism through the textured glass.

In the salon space for consultations, in various places, customer can spend a rich time surrounded by high-quality materials from Japan, such as stone top produced in the Japanese mountains of Miyagi prefecture or cushions made by Nishijin woven fabric from Kyoto.

The bold gold volume gives each spot a special feeling and creates a sequence that guides the visitors.

The private room where customers can have a private beauty experience is filled with the material that causes the iridescent color to appear by the reaction of light. The three-dimensional chandelier made out of fabric and suspended from the ceiling creates the sensation of entering into a smooth jade-color light.

By introducing new character to modern technology and materials that have been passed down from Japan for a long time, the timeless expressions have been realized.

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