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Luxury Retail | May 22, 2022

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Chanel Beauty House in Tokio - Luxury Retail

Chanel Beauty House in Tokio

Chanel opens boutique in Tokyo

In a market as mature and savvy as Japan, luxury brands go to great lengths to raise their profile and attract customers. And Chanel is no exception.

The iconic Paris-based fashion house has a huge following in this land, not only in fashion, but also in cosmetics and fragrance. It is in the latter category that Chanel in changing tack, opening a new dedicated beauty boutique in Tokyo.

Officially called the Chanel Beauty House in Tokyo, the retail space is situated just behind Chanel‘s flagship store on bustling Omotesando Dori. It is located in maze of alleys lined with luxury boutiques.

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Occupying 150m2 distributed over three floors of a modern structure.

It’s been a complete makeover by the brand’s in-house design team. Now you see a facade bathed in while and overlaid with lines of sewing patterns and phrases from the brand itsel.

To one side is a mobile staircase with an elegant canopy in soft pink.

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The ground floor offers a brand experience with the full range of Chanel cosmetics. It’s made with high-tech, like Beauty Recordings, which lets shoppers record personalized videos of touch-up sessions, and Chanel Try On, a makeover tool for virtually trying on makeup.

On the second floor, a pop-up space featuring a rotating program of Chanel Installations. The first in Effortless Beauty, a concept that is expressed in an energetic world united by pastel colors, and where the essential elements of the brand are introduced.
Actresses like Clémence Poésy, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Sarah Jessica Parker, and brand ambassadors like Alice Dellal and Vanessa Paradis, attended the opening of the boutique.

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