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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Berluti: At Their Feet - Luxury Retail

Berluti: At Their Feet

Berluti Celebrates its 120th Year with a Book

A luxury subsidiary of the footwear segment of LVMH, Berluti recently completed 120 years of making handcrafted shoes for the discerning men.

Celebrating this glorious milestone with putting its best foot forward, the renowned brand collaborated with the publishing house—Éditions Rizzoli—to unveil their first ever limited edition coffee table book titled At Their Feet.

At Their Feet, an ode to iconic shoes and the creative talents who wore them

Filled with tales of the bespoke shoes created inside the brand’s quaint shoe-maison in Paris, the book features some of Berluti’s unique designs, like the Garbo boot, the Nakata shoe, the iconic Dean Martin loafers, the Larry Clark boot and more. All the shoes are crafted using exotic alligator, calf and kangaroo skin; the book is an ode to artists and their shoe inspirations that define Berluti’s fine craftsmanship.


With names like Andy Warhol, Dean Martin, Patti Smith, Yves Saint Laurent, Zinedine Zidane, Brian Ferry, Greta Garbo, Maurizio Cattelan, Larry Clark and Jean Cocteau extending their talent to the brand with signature shoe collections, the book illustrates how, since 1895, Berluti has maintained a repute as the ultimate maker of men’s shoes in the world.

With only 200 copies available across all flagship boutiques of Berluti in the world, we advice you hurry before they run out of stock.