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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Fendi new pop-up store, Ginza - Luxury Retail

Fendi new pop-up store, Ginza

Fendi opens new pop-up store in Ginza, with a fur tree taking center stage

Luxury Italian brand Fendi has adorned the arms of the rich and famous in Japan for the last 50 years. And to celebrate this landmark anniversary, the brand inaugurated Fendi Ginza, a new pop-up store in Ginza, Tokyo.As a first, the new pop-up will showcase both men’s and women’s collections and paying homage to Japanese culture – Fendi’s Bag Bugs and Qutweet Kigurumi will also be seen at the new location.

Another highlight at the store is the sculptural ‘Fur Tree’, created by Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto, that will be suspended from the ceiling of the boutique. The botanical art piece stands tall and green with Fendi’s signature fur balls as blooms that depict the transition of time. The central trunk has been sculpted with an eclectic mix of mediums like moss and bark to give it that realistic feel. The sculpture impressively forms a landscape that blends nature and couture.

This new pop-up is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary as well as innovation and creativity.

By luxurylaunches