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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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Armill Bracelets - Luxury Retail

Armill Bracelets


There are plenty of expensive, luxurious, ultra high-end lifestyle type of gizmos and gadgets available out there but only a few brands can be considered as exclusive. Take for example Christophe & Co., a new brand that has developed and designed a form of wearable technology in the form of the Armill bracelet device for men. It looks like nothing you’ve ever seen to date and you probably won’t ever see it very often either.

Designed to be worn by the ultra elite, the Armill bracelets cannot be mistaken for a watch or a fitness tracker of any kind even though it features NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. These connectivity options are typically to be used as modes of cashless payments and secure entry into exclusive arenas. Think of them as your ticket to the world of the elite; the rich and famous or just the very very exclusive. Each of these bracelets also feature a specialized battery pack that constitute of small rotors that help generate power and refuel the cells, something akin to automatic watches that use the kinetic energy of your wrist moments to power the watch. Christophe & Co. says that the power reserve generated when wearing the Armills device last up to one year, and of course, with frequent wear, owners would never really need to charge it at all.

Crafted by the people that are known to design Ferraris, Pininfarina design house of Italy, these bracelets can be customized for different demographics and are also custom fit for each owner. Incorporating a slightly automotive styling, the bracelets could feature 18K gold, precious stones, high-tech ceramic, hand-engraving etc. They are fitted into a carbon fiber inner frame and lined with high-end memory foam that sits perfectly beneath Alcantara leather. Special editions of the Christophe & Co. Armill for specific regions would also be in the cards – Dragon motifs for the Chinese market, or St. George slaying a dragon for the Russian market etc.

The technology angle, although not taking anything away from the exquisite design, is also an important factor and, according Christophe & Co., can be upgraded periodically. Similar to Vertu’s Concierge service, Armill device owners will also have access to a similar 24/7 service that’s accessible via the companion smartphone app. The Armill device would be connected to an owner’s personal assistant to inform them of various tasks that needed to be done. It acts as a secure module that can be used to authenticate a user for entry into partner events and venues around the world and future generation models would be equipped with more interactive connectivity to an owner’s car, home, yacht, plane etc.


The debut Christophe & Co. Armill models include the slightly “lower-end” Virtus of which only 300 limited edition units will created and priced at about $75,000 per unit. This would be followed by the 100 Orion models priced at $93,000 each, and finally just 25 pieces of the high end Apollo device that would retail for a whopping $149,000 per device. The bracelets are currently on pre-order via the company’s website. The concierge service is included at no charge for three years for Apollo owners, 2 years for Orion owners, and 1 year for Virtus owners.

By luxurylaunches