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Luxury Retail | January 21, 2018

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“Gucci Garden”

15/01/2018 |

Gucci Opens Michelin-Star Restaurant in Florence

Italian fashion house Gucci is diving into a new and delicious venture—fine dining. Gucci Osteria, a 50-seat restaurant opened its doors this week as a part of Gucci Garden, a new museum-style concept store in Florence, Italy. Read More

“Gucci Places”

28/12/2017 |

Gucci expands Gucci Places with new cities added

Gucci has gone international and is taking fans along for the ride digitally. The Italian fashion house is expanding its Gucci Places project to include six new cities for fans to discover. Read More

Gucci ‘Star Trek’ FY17

28/08/2017 |

Gucci’s new ‘Star Trek’ inspired FY17 campaign

Who wouldn’t like a fashion dose inspired by the cult TV show ‘Star Trek’ and some classic sci-fi movies from the 50’s? Read More


18/07/2017 |

Gucci To Launch New Book “Hortus Sanitatis”

Gucci‘s new limited edition book titled Hortus Sanitatis — meaning “The Garden of Health” in Latin — takes its name from the first natural history encyclopedia published in 1485 in Germany. Read More

Gucci’s Ace Patch Collection

11/04/2017 |

Customize Your Gucci Sneakers With These New Patches

The fashion house has now unveiled a new collection of its Ace white sneakers that allow application of detachable patches.
Read More

“Blind for Love” by Gucci

06/02/2017 |

Gucci’s Limited Edition Blind for Love Is the Ultimate Coffee Table Book

Gucci has unveiled a limited edition coffee table book titled “Blind for Love” in a limited run of only 2000 copies.  Read More