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Luxury Retail | April 19, 2018

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The Rovos Rail, travelling by train has own charm

22/05/2014 |

When you think about Africa you are likely to conjure up images of pristine wilderness areas, safari, dessert, expansive landscape helmed with Acacia trees; making African travel getaway a must on everybody’s bucket-list. And what could be more memorable way to travel than by the slow, smooth train ride that allows you plenty of time to soak in the breathtaking panoramic views.

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Paceman Adventure Pickup Truck By MINI

20/05/2014 |

MINI’s are not exactly known for their off-roading capabilities, but can you imagine the fun you’d have while driving a MINI pickup truck? Sadly, the Paceman Adventure Pickup Truck is a one-off vehicle, which means that not many enthusiasts would actually be able to put it through its paces.

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BOEING 727 Transformed into a Luxury Hotel Suite in Costa Rica

17/05/2014 |

Once shuttled passengers on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines has been refurbished and turned into a luxurious hotel suite in Costa Rica. The fully outfitted fuselage suite is perched on a custom-built pedestal 50 feet up from the ground. At this height, it sets its guests on a flight of fancy offering views of the scenic ocean and jungle both from the factory airplane windows and the handcrafted deck that has been built atop its wings. The suite is part of the Costa Verde resort.
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LYTRO illum light field-camera

05/05/2014 |

LYTRO has introduced ‘illum’, the first high-end camera that harnesses the power of light field photography – capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame.

LYTRO illum light field-camera creates interactive living pictures.

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Private island in the Florida Keys

28/04/2014 |

Private island in the Florida Keys is 2014?s priciest new listing. One hundred and ten million dollars , that’s the figure that you can buy one of the gorgeous islands that form part of the archipelago of the Florida Keys.

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Dome home

24/04/2014 |

Steve Areen builds a dome home in 6 weeks for 9,000 dollars.

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