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Luxury Retail | December 11, 2017

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“Rihanna hearts Chopard”

21/04/2017 |

Chopard initiates Rihanna into the world of high-end jewelry

Having already adorned the Barbadian superstar for appearances at celebrity events, the Swiss jeweler has now invited her to design a collection. Read More

“Prosecco Swarovski Edition” by Casanova

21/03/2017 |

World’s Most Expensive Prosecco By Casanova

Luxurious and delicious, the most expensive Prosecco in the world was created by a company named Casanova, and it is available as part of a limited edition named “Swarovski Edition.”  Read More

Utopia by Focal

15/03/2017 |

Most Expensive: These Headphones Will Set You Back $120,000

Acoustic purity has arrived in the form of these swanky open-backed circum aural headphones, which finally makes its debut after 35 grand years in the making. Read More

“Senturion Meteorite”

08/03/2017 |

These New Supercar Key-Bracelets Ooze Luxury

The world’s elite can now show off their car keys in a much more fashionable manner thanks to these incredibly chic bracelets created by a company named Senturion Read More

“Studioliner” diamond guitar by Fender

06/03/2017 |

This Diamond-Studded Fender Was Inspired By A Kodak Camera

Designed and put together by Fender’s Yuriy Shishkov, this very special guitar was inspired by a classic 1930s Kodak camera. Read More

Montegrappa “Game of Thrones”

15/02/2017 |

Montegrappa releases Game of Thrones collection

The collection features four editions inspired by the four main houses in the HBO hit TV show.  Read More