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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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World’s Most Expensive Chocolate By To’ak - Luxury Retail

World’s Most Expensive Chocolate By To’ak

Chocolate is definitely one of the world’s most famous sweet treats, which comes as no surprise considering the fact that it traces its roots all the way back to 1900 BC. Chocolate comes in different shapes, sizes and in different flavors, but perhaps the most popular version of it is the classic one made out of cacao and cane sugar.

As far as pricing goes, the most expensive pure chocolate in the world is made by a brand called To’ak, whose experts use cacao sourced from Arriba cacao trees, which are almost extinct unfortunately. Retailing at $260 for 50 grams or 1,7 oz, this chocolate was created with utmost attention to detail. Over the course of two years, To’ak managed to manufacture 574 bars of the delicious treat, and each bar is now being sold in a superb wooden box along cacao bean husks.


In order to emphasize the fact that chocolate is actually sourced from nature, the makers placed a cacao bean in the middle of each slab. The package also includes wooden tweezers that are meant to be used to pick up the chocolate so that the oils from the owner’s fingertips do not spoil the taste in any way.

By luxedb