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Luxury Retail | June 18, 2024

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Veralab Flagship Store - Luxury Retail

Veralab Flagship Store

The VERALAB Flagship store is the first physical store of the famous Cinica Beautician

L’Estetista Cinica opens his first store with an interior design by the 23bassi studio, which mixes beauty and playfulness, magic and wonder, but above all e-commerce and retail.

You cross the threshold and you are projected into the “Pink side of the World”, immersed in an overwhelming dose of pink, neon and mirrors. Ironic, playful, bright, exactly like the creative mind behind it, the first VeraLab flagship store opened in Milan, in via Guido d’Arezzo.

But let’s take a step back Cristina Fogazzi, aka L’Estetista Cinica, beauty guru who made the concept of female beauty within everyone’s reach, transferring her twenty years of experience in the beauty sector first to a blog ( then to her beauty center Finally, Bellavera in Milan in its VeraLab beauty products.

The debut on the Milanese scene with its own concept store consolidates on one hand that integrated approach between real and virtual so far pursued, on the other hand offers for the first time a totalizing experience that goes beyond just buying.

Lighting also plays a decisive role: by balancing technical light and decorative light, every corner of the space and every design solution are emphasized. And two neon signs are entrusted with the task of guiding customers to the Skin Bar – that is, the area dedicated to the test of the masks and the relaxation that follows – located on a balcony overlooking the shop; and, on the first floor, the Shop Area, intended for merchandising.

Here also originates the playful slide where you can slide empty bottles destined for recycling, because attention to nature is expressed not only in the quality of the ingredients of the products, but also in environmental sustainability: customers are in fact invited to return the containers empty for Veralab to dispose of them properly, obtaining in return a token to be used by the mysterious gadget distributor.

Beauty, play but also a lot of art: on the walls you will even find works by Banksy and Mr. Brainwash (thanks to the Deodato Arte Gallery), and some works by the digital artist DotPigeon, represented by Plan X Art Gallery, offer a preview of the upcoming collaboration between the artist and VeraLab.

«A fantastic place where you can not only enter to buy, but to gain experience», Chiara Frigerio could not better summarize the concept that gives shape to the new flagship store.