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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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“From inspiration to innovation concept” by Kiki Van Eijk to Hermès Spain - Luxury Retail

“From inspiration to innovation concept” by Kiki Van Eijk to Hermès Spain

Spring 2020 windows displays production by INSTORE

“Math, Atomic, Skyline, Astrology and Landscape”, the five concepts on which the Dutch artist Kiki Van Eijk has been based to design her latest windows displays project for Hermès Spain “From inspiration to innovation concept”.

The originality of the Hermès windows once again combines art with the exhibition of products, the articles of the French firm for this new season merge with the particular universe created by Kiki Van Eijk.

Bags, footwear, carrers, wallets or ceramics are the elements chosen as the protagonists of each space.

Each boutique of Hermès Spain shows a collection of windows displays that place us in abstract settings with their own meaning.

INSTORE has been responsible for the production and installation of all the necessary materials for each decoration. The backs have been lined with printed vinyl following the designs of the artist and generating a space in which to install all the elements of wood and metal that take us from the universe of mathematics to astrology through very different landscapes.

The pieces created to decorate each window displays serve as an exhibitor for Hermès products. Most have been made of metal by laser cutting and painting.

Each structure respects the sketches provided by the artist, in order to realize imagined and designed windows in order to convert them into 3D, creating a lively space where Hermès articles once again cease to be simple products and become part of the work of art, merging with it.

The craftsmanship with which these windows have been made coincides with the craftsmanship and manual work that Hermès shows in all its designs.