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Luxury Retail | May 25, 2024

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Tiffany & Co. Unveils Their Largest Exhibition In The Past Century In Shanghai

Tiffany & Co. has officially opened the doors to their largest scale exhibition in almost a century: Vision & Virtuosity.

In celebration of the jeweler’s 180-year anniversary, the exhibit offers an immersive experience through the entire Tiffany archive; a showcase of not only their most iconic pieces, but a look into their cultural influence throughout the decades, from 1837 to 2019. With over 350 pieces on display—ranging from the first Tiffany Blue Box to the world’s largest and rarest yellow diamond, the Tiffany Diamond—nearly one third of the items have never been available for public viewing until now.

“I genuinely hope people will walk out of this exhibition having learned about things they hadn’t expected,” says Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff. “I think a lot of people know on the surface what Tiffany stands for—love, joy, connection, beauty—but aren’t fully aware of just how deep our history of innovation, creativity and boldness runs. If someone, while they’re taking in the exhibition, has a moment of complete inspiration because they saw something so beautiful it moved them deeply, we’ll have done our job.”

To sum it up the exhibition will have Tiffany’s past present and a glimpse of the future all under one roof. It’s an immersive view into the acclaimed house that runs us through The Tiffany Archive with six thematic chapters devoted to Tiffany & Co.’s longstanding history.

Blue Is the Color of Dreams
You can take the blue away from the sea but not from Tiffany’s. The iconic colour, robin’s-egg Tiffany Blue, that’s synonymous with the brand, takes centre stage in this room. The room is a tribute to Tiffany’s introduction of colored gems to the world of jewellery and features stones such as Montana sapphires and tanzanite—a purplish-blue stone that Tiffany introduced to the world in 1968.

The World of Tiffany
Tiffany’s started as a jewellery store but generations have witnessed its growth and journey into various fields and the presence has been just as iconic in them too. Tiffany’s influence stretched to film, television, music and literature. The world of Tiffany will be exposed in this space which exhibits the Tiffany Blue Box®, the construction of the Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City and the influential figures who have donned Tiffany jewels.

The Tiffany Blue Book
The Blue Book collections have been immortalized in the eye of anyone who can appreciate art, design and creations. Tiffany’s jewellery masterpieces are breathtaking and that’s what defines this book that holds proof of the innovation and artistry behind the high jewellery pieces. This room tells the story of the design evolution and the craftsmanship that has formed Tiffany’s inventiveness for nearly two centuries, including pieces from current Tiffany & Co. chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff’s Blue Book collections.

Tiffany Love
Tiffany became symbolic with feelings and expressions of love over the years. The design of the first modern engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting made way for new expressions of love and sentiment. The newly introduced Tiffany True™ engagement ring celebrates connections and the way people express their feelings through Tiffany’s tokens of love which can be witnessed in this zone.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The exhibition would be incomplete without a fitting dedication to the film that has had such a profound role in cementing Tiffany’s charisma in popular culture. This space will take visitors behind the scenes of the film with its collection of exclusive objects such as the original script with Audrey Hepburn’s comments and behind-the-scenes photos at the Fifth Avenue flagship store.

Diamonds: Miracles of Nature
Tiffany’s most treasured and inestimable diamonds will be found in the sixth chapter of the “Vision & Virtuosity” exhibition. Jewellery-lovers will get to see one of the most exemplary and precious diamonds in the world in all its glory- the Tiffany Diamond. The exhibition culminates with the magnificent view of this 128.54-carat fancy yellow diamond.