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Luxury Retail | May 30, 2024

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The world's most expensive smile - Luxury Retail

The world’s most expensive smile

The luxury denture gold and diamond has been valued at Dh562000 ($153,000)

We’re all familiar with the concept of expensive jewelry. But when we reported on Grillz Gold and Silver teeth, they may be completely taken aback with the diamond encrusted gold denture designed by Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic. Without doubt its is also the worlds most expensive denture. Dr. Majd Naji, head of the clinic confirmed having received a certificate of its authenticity.

“We acquired authenticity and clarity certificates for the gold and the diamonds used in the denture from the International Gemological Institute in Belgium. Ten grams of 24-carat gold were used, in addition to 160 round diamonds that totaled 2.5 carats” – Dr. Naji was heard saying.

We wouldn’t recommend wearing it any of your favorite wining and dining places, however. And clinic folk agree, saying the fashion brace is only meant for parties and photos, and is not to be used for eating. The denture can be ready after two sessions for fitting and the procedure does not require any drilling or filling of teeth.

By luxurylaunches