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Luxury Retail | May 25, 2024

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The ‘nudock’ by Mitagg - Luxury Retail

The ‘nudock’ by Mitagg

Mitagg’s nudock power station charges multiple smart devices

The ‘nudock’ by mitagg, is a power station that is capable of charging an apple watch, iPhone and a USB device such as an iPad or kindle, all at the same time. With an anodized aluminum body and polycarbonate housing, the dock has a solid design that provides further stability thanks to its non-slip rubber base. With this support as well as its three USB ports, users can simply and easily energize their products. furthermore, it enables the charging of a compact, portable keychain backup battery which provides instant power on-the-go.

Whilst the devices are refilling their energy stores, users are provided with an unobstructed audio jack, speaker and microphone, enabling facetime or skype calls. The ‘nudock’ docking station also features a touch-controlled multifunctional smart LED lamp, which can adjust its brightness and offers an automatic one hour sleep mode. The simplicity of its design is highlighted by its cable management system, which neatly hides wires to ensure a clutter-free space. To find out more about mitagg’s ‘nudock’, visit their indiegogo campaign where they are aiming to secure funding.

By designboom