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Luxury Retail | July 1, 2022

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Sandibe Safari Lodge - Luxury Retail

Sandibe Safari Lodge

Sandibe okavango safari lodge combines eco-design with luxury living in Botswana

Providing a unique shelter for visitors to admire and stay within the okavango delta in Botswana, a UNESCO world heritage site, the Sandibe okavango safari lodge resort sits nestled amongst the untainted and fragile african ecosystem. Designed by Nick Plewman Architects and London-based Michaelis Boyd associates, the organic form of the lodge draws its influence from animals that inhabit and carry their shelter with them, in this case, the elusive pangolin – Africa’s endangered armadillo.


Raised on stilts, with a timber decking that weaves its way through the trees and marsh land, the environmentally sensitive lodging uses refined, bio-degradable and locally sourced materials. Laminated pine beams give the curvilinear form, while the distinctive cladding uses canadian cedar shingles to result it its textural and visual quality. The arched, curved structure of the canopy is translated into the ceiling of the internal spaces- like a ribcage constructed of wood, the building opens up of each side to allow the flow of air ventilation, circulation and glimpses of wildlife in their natural habitat. Offering twelve suites, all distinctive with strong connections to the delta, the lodge gives travelers a first hand, immersive experience of luxury safari living.


By designboom