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Luxury Retail | April 20, 2024

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Ol Jogi: At One with Nature - Luxury Retail

Ol Jogi: At One with Nature

Ol JOGI Ranch was established over 60 years ago and is a safe haven for the preservation and future development of Wildlife Conservation. The Ranch comprises a total size of 58,000 acres and is situated 225km out of Nairobi, just north of Nanyuki in the Laikipia North District.

Explore thousands of acres of protected Kenyan savannah in your own, private wildlife reserve.

Luxury_OlJogi-MbogoOnly recently opened to the public, the 7 individually designed cottage suites form a luxurious complex in the cooling shade of a forested hillside, the perfect place to blissfully while away the midday heat. These unique cottages, named after the most prominent local wildlife, fit in perfectly with their surroundings from the outside, similar in outward appearance to those in local villages. Inside however, they are the embodiment of colonial luxury, using a combination of stunning dark woods and local sculptures and artworks to create a sense of understated luxury which is at the same time at home in its environment. Among these are a swimming pool, tennis court and hammam.


Of course, guests aren’t to be abandoned in the wilderness by themselves, and a full roster of staff are on hand to ensure that guests have everything they need. The private chef is always on hand to create delightfully surprising, locally-inspired banquets and a masseuse is available all hours to ease tension or help recover from treks into the wild. Security and park rangers are always on standby to ensure no unwanted encounters, after all, it’s all too possible to get a little too close to a rhino.


There’s nowhere else quite like Ol Jogi in the world.

A wide, open panorama of the area creates a sense of isolation in the wilderness and a closeness to nature. As well as giving the interiors an airy feel there is an entirely unhindered view of the main attraction, the wildlife. One of the most impressive features is that, no matter where guests look, this vast expanse is entirely private, only they able to appreciate the sheer wonders being exhibited. Activities are entirely up to the visitors, with the guides working with them to tailor the experience in every way. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage in the house’s specialist facilities or camping out under the stars in search of illusive wildlife, the experience is entirely bespoke. However, guests may not have to go far to see some of the most famed African animals.


The focal point of the miniature village is a watering hole, the largest for miles around, which attracts animals large and small all year round. While guests have the opportunity to travel the area in search of the rarest animals in Africa, it’s just as likely that a walk out the front door will grant a view of nature at its most impressive. With pairs of mounted binoculars outside each house, Ol Jogi can grant a sight on your doorstep unequalled the world over.

Thousands of acres of private space, with the assurance of luxury, security and a selection of Africa’s rarest animals.

While it may be an awe-inspired holiday destination, Ol Jogi is, first and foremost, a reserve dedicated to protecting the local wildlife of the area. Home to some of the world’s rarest and most endangered animals, it is a task that the resort holds as its primary mandate and, when you are ensuring the survival of such majestic creatures as the cheetah and elephant, it is of vital importance that everything is done to help them flourish. Ol Jogi is also home to one of Africa’s rarest beasts, and it is to them that the reserve is devoted to preserving.

As well as myriad animals both herbivore and carnivorous, sixty-four black and white rhinos call Ol Jogi home. Two species on the very precipice of extinction, hunted to the brink in the past by poachers, there are few parts of the world in which this concentration can be found. It is for the Rhinos that the resort is circumnavigated by an electric fence, designed to keep the animals in the safety of Ol Jogi. Here they are nurtured and allowed to grow, ultimately helping to restore one of the region’s most fascinating creatures.


Ol Jogi operates as a working cattle ranch and participates extensively in Community Development; the ranch successfully exhibits cohabitation of livestock and wildlife.

Caring for the animals, as well as continuing to use the landscape as a working cattle ranch, requires local knowledge and so Ol Jogi has become an integral part of the lives of many local Laikipia communities. By embracing the various villages in the area, Ol Jogi has a symbiotic relationship with the locals, helping both to grow. The resort receives the knowledge and expertise of centuries of ancestry and survival in the area, while the villages in turn are helped to adapt and grow into the modern world at their own pace. In short, luxurious though it is, the actual guest resort is a means to an end. Rather than the resort growing up around visitors, the house itself provides a way to support the vital work of Ol Jogi with both local communities and the astounding Kenyan environment.

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