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Luxury Retail | April 19, 2024

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North Pole Igloos - Luxury Retail

North Pole Igloos

The North Pole is getting an igloo themed luxury pop up hotel

A luxury pop-up hotel is offering guests the chance to sleep under the stars in the North Pole.

The pop-up hotel will consist of 10 heated igloos and will open next April, for one month only. Would-be guests can reserve a stay at the North Pole Igloos — which will be the northernmost hotel in the world — throughout April 2020, the only month in the year when it’s safe to travel to the region.

Inaccessible for most of the year, the North Pole can be reached by helicopter in April and by ship during June and July. About 1,000 people visit the area each year, but they’re usually coming armed with extensive extreme weather survival gear, including tents. But Luxury Action’s guest will face a slightly easier journey, as they’ll reach the hotel following a two-hour helicopter ride and be greeted by 10 heated igloos, each of which includes an en suite bathroom. So, your igloo will have indoor plumbing. Guest are also almost guaranteed to see a spectacular light show during their stay, as aurora borealis is still highly active in April.

“The North Pole has been one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world for years, but no nice and comfortable accommodation facilities exist there,” the company’s founder, Janne Honkanen, told CNN earlier this month. “I wanted to create a more comfortable way to experience the North Pole as it is, by bringing cozy facilities to extreme conditions.”

The camp itself is comprised of heated glass igloos, which have been tested in extreme Arctic weather conditions and will be moved around the area as the weather changes. Transparent ceilings and walls allow visitors “to be one with the nature and experience the Northern Lights,” according to the hotel operators.

While pricing may seem steep, guests will be getting a lot for their money. Specifically, the sky-high booking fee helps pay for a camp manager, arctic wilderness guide, chef services and security. In addition, the price also includes a two-night stay on Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole, and flights and logistics between the island group and the hotel. North Pole “training” is also available, for an additional charge, at Octola, an exclusive lodge and wilderness retreat owned by the company in Finnish Lapland.

While commenting on the experience, Honkanen said, “I thought that this is the time and the opportunity to give a chance for my guests to experience the North Pole with arctic explorers and scientists in a safe way,” He further added, “‘I wanted to create a more comfortable way to experience the North Pole as it is, by bringing cozy facilities to extreme conditions.” The North Pole Igloos is slated to open in in 2020 and will operate only on April each year.

The resort is operated by Luxury Action, which runs a string of five star retreats in the Arctic. Its founder and CEO, Janne Honkanen, told CNBC the company worked to offer sustainable vacations that raise awareness around the impact of climate change.