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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Mosaicultures internationales Montréal 2013 - Luxury Retail

Living plant sculptures at the montreal botanical gardens

A horticulture competition featuring over 40 living plant sculptures is exhibiting at the montreal botanical gardens in canada. “Mosaicultures internationales montréal 2013” displays two and three dimensional constructions, cultivated by 200 international horticultural artists originating from more than 20 countries, making it the largest eco-responsible event to come to quebec.

Mosaiculture is a multifaceted discipline, drawing on a range of craftsmanship and knowledge, sculpture for the framework, painting for chroma, and ecology, for the understanding of the maintenance of the floral medium. this year’s event challenged the artists around the theme ‘land of hope’ as it reflects their own culture, drawing influences from icons of peace and promise for a environmentally sound world. Collectively, over three million colorful flowers and plants were used in the environmental designs, creating a colossal body of living vibrant art.