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Luxury Retail | May 25, 2024

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Luxury samsung dream doghouse - Luxury Retail

Samsung Unveils its Unique Smart Doghouse

The trend of giving your canine a luxurious life just had an upgrade with Samsung’s new Dream Doghouse.

The dream house has different sections to it, all for different purposes. The main two sections are – the ‘living room’ which comes installed with a paw-automated snack machine, some paw and bone print wallpaper along with framed pictures of other dogs that decorate the sides, and a sky light with ceiling access; and the ‘bedroom’ that has a wall-mounted Samsung Galaxy S Tab for doggie entertainment and a push-to-woof call to beckon owners and where the entire length of the little kennel is lined with a soft grey colored padding and a few fluffy pillows strewn about for added comfort. The other sections of the kennel include an AstroTurf treadmill for some pet workout and a relaxing hot-tub to soak away the doggie tension.


The kennel has been designed to ensure that it is not a complete enclosure and allows for easy access and owner interaction, through the glass side walls. The doghouse amenities were added after a couple of surveys revealed that pet owners wanted some luxuries for their pets as well.

“We had a task of designing a kennel of the future, with soft and comfortable materials, giving it a futuristic look and feel.” – Brian Dowling, Director of Production

The Dream Doghouse, made at a cost of $31k (£20,000) with 12 designers and builders over 6 weeks.

It is available at the flagship Samsung boutique in UK.