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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Luxe iPhone 5 By Alchemist - Luxury Retail

Luxe iPhone 5 By Alchemist

Beautifully customized iPhones are dime a dozen, but only a handful actually received super-lavish treatments. A fine example is the luxurious iPhone 5 by Alchemist – a luxury boutique in London that specializes in adorning high-end gadget with precious metals and stones.

Limited to just 2 examples, this exceptional gadget is worth no less than $1 million, and that’s because its 24-carat case is set with 16 carats of individual flawless F grade Diamonds. Apart from these 1600 diamonds, the main navigation button of the iPhone was made out of 24-carat gold and features a single 2-carat diamond in its center. The rear side of the phone also received the lavish gold treatment, while the Apple logo features 53 luscious Diamonds of its own.

Obviously, such an expensive product must come with some form of warranty, and fortunately, Alchemist provides a lifetime warranty for its luxurious iPhone as far as any technical problems or minor cosmetic details are concerned. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the smartphone is unlocked, which means that it works flawlessly on any network.