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Luxury Retail | July 13, 2024

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"Lungolinea" ping pong luxurious table - Luxury Retail

“Lungolinea”  ping pong luxurious table

Lungolinea Will Make it Clear You Love Ping-Pong

Lungolinea – have you ever heard this name? It sounds like something from a Greek legend, one of those unique creatures or demigods that could leave you breathless in just a matter of seconds. Oddly enough, this is not far from the truth, as we are dealing with one-of-a-kind ping pong table here.

Ping-Pong tables are not exactly what comes to mind when you’re thinking about high design, although the Italians designers from Impatia looked at it as a real challenge.

Yes, it’s called Lungolinea and it was made of pure crystal glass, that’s beautifully held together by polished metal components. This gorgeous indoor ping pong table is a real delight, riding on a fine line between sports equipment, bespoke furniture, and art. It’s supposed to be fully functional, and I refuse to wonder just how durable it really is.

Set to include four paddles, a net, and a ball, this luxurious table was specially designed to make your day – and possibly, year. Furthermore, future customers are also encouraged to choose a version with 24 Karat coated connecting joints and a special net kit hand-made by an Italian goldsmith. Let’s play!

By luxatic