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Luxury Retail | April 24, 2024

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Lamborghini travel bag - Luxury Retail

Lamborghini travel bag

This Lamborghini travel bag costs more than a Toyota Corolla

Travelling with suave isn’t all easy. Picking your travelling companions, especially the inanimate kind could be quite a handful. That’s when you take a call to settle for travel accessories that could match the caliber of the hand-crafted Lamborghini Aurum Carbon Fiber large trolley. With a matte black coat that could make the Aventador proud, the $12,210 trolley would be just the thing you’d like to fling into your $390,000 car and drive away to a bespoke holiday.


The trolley may cost more than most decent cars but then again, it is handcrafted in Italy, is the original Lamborghini rendition of a trolley and is derived from the same materials that make the Raging Bull’s cars. The trolley is the result of the collaboration between the former and TecknoMonster. The build is solid thanks to the use of autoclave processed matt finish carbon fibre, authentic Automobili Lamborghini leather and billet aluminum. It even open with the style of a super-car, thanks to the mechanical opening. The intricacy in design is generally high when it comes to hand-crafted output and the same goes with this trolley. It features a hexagonal lattice stitching on the handles and is made double-flat carbon-fiber and billet aluminum. A TSA lock ensures the contents of the trolley is well protected.

By luxurylaunches