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Luxury Retail | May 25, 2024

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Jimmy Choo opens hot pink café in Harrods

Jimmy Choo opens hot pink café in Harrods

Jimmy Choo opens “Choo Café” in London’s Harrods

Jimmy Choo is partnering with renowned London-based department store Harrods for the opening of its brand new Choo Cafe.

Located in the heart of Harrods’ shoe department, Jimmy Choo will be taking over the space for three months with an immersive dining experience. Defined by an emphasis on the brand’s now-signature color fuschia, the cafe boasts plush pink carpet alongside sculptured seating and mirrored accents.

Pink has become a brand color in recent years, but also somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. It’s all about thinking pink, whether that’s Millennial pink or Maggie Prescott’s “Think Pink” singalong in “Funny Face.”

Drawing inspiration from Jimmy Choo’s latest handbag line, the “Varenne Avenue” Collection, the cafe will provide visitors with a sneak peek of the collection which is due to launch this Fall.
Choo Cafe’s menu is created by Harrods’ award-winning chefs and pays tribute to British summer time through its use of seasonal ingredients including fresh strawberries and raspberries, paired with quintessentially English teas and elevated takes on classic picnic sandwiches.

The menu will also play host to a range of patisserie options alongside coffee and champagne. The dining experience also comes complete with branded crockery and cutlery in a vivid pink shade to ensure that every visit to the Choo Cafe is a truly Instagrammable one.

The Choo Cafe at Harrods is open to visit until September 30.