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Luxury Retail | April 13, 2024

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Gusto Cake Cafe - Luxury Retail

Gusto Cake Cafe

Gusto Cake Cafe by Inco Group

The main idea of our concept was to include two parallel worlds: our imagination and reality.

We wanted to create an environment that makes people experience some magical moments. We wanted them to be able to escape from reality while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, whether it be alone or with others.

“Retro meets Art Deco with some bubble gum essence” is the style we went for. Creating timeless yet classy two symmetrical monochrome areas in one space by adding pastel colors, flowery walls with the words “Wanderlust” and “Dream Big” – words that have a deeper meaning to us. Want to know what they stand for? The “Wanderlust” wall represents our desire to travel the world. “Dream Big” stands for keeping our hopes alive, dreaming, and staying positive no matter what.

While these words may sound cliché, one should understand the political circumstances in which Kosovo stands: No travel opportunities, no way to escape from tradition or poverty. We wanted to remind others that finding sweet escapes and creating positive environments is a state of mind and cannot be restricted.

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