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Luxury Retail | May 22, 2024

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"Foodography" in Tel Aviv Restaurant Catit - Luxury Retail

“Foodography” in Tel Aviv Restaurant Catit

Tel Aviv Restaurant Catit Launches the Instagram-Inspired “Foodography”

New restaurant concept built entirely around Instagram-worthy food serves meals on spinning plates with built-in phone stands.

Tel Aviv restaurant Catit has launched “Foodography,” an experience devised by Carmel Winery, that eases the process of photography and video during dining for Instagram-happy customers. Specially designed plates and professional photographers on-hand to provide hints and tips mean that no meal will go un-snapped.

Head chef Meir Adoni has conjured up a five-course set menu bursting with a rainbow of colour combinations for his snap-happy patrons. The lofty experience costs £100 per hour, and dishes include – animal lovers, look away – veal sweetbreads with yogurt and Persian lemon crème, and duck liver served with crispy prunes and Cabernet Savignon marmalade. Ceramic design artist Adi Nissani has crafted a fleet of plates which are curved to provide a flattering back-drops.

One called ‘the 360’ even spins around so you can take motion shots from every possible angle.
The table, of course, and many of the individual dishes are equipped with adjustable phone stands.
And as if that wasn’t enough, expert food photographer Dan Perez is on hand to tutor diners in how best to capture their broccoli florets’ best possible side.

‘We wanted to reconnect with a new generation of consumers – youngsters who connect with food through the lens of a smartphone,’ the company states.
Guests who participate in Foodography are encouraged to share their masterpieces on Instagram, using the hashtag #fdgr.

The concept has so far has attracted Michelin Star chefs, wine critics and local food bloggers from across the world, and plans are in the works to expand internationally.

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