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Luxury Retail | May 30, 2024

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D-Table: modernity, technology and usability - Luxury Retail

D-Table: modernity, technology and usability

Futuristic furniture

D-Table is a unique and exciting touch screen experience. D-Table allows you to browse the internet and present your choices with just the swipe of a fingertip.

An interactive design, highly customizable, a perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation. This digital table’s functions are multi faceted, from entertainment to business, through the multi-touch interface and wireless connection.

Information technology and Italian groundbreaking design unite in a unique piece of futuristic furniture produced by Danillo Cascella team.

D-Table presents some characteristics that make it a product of the highest quality:

100 points multi touch screen, this technology allows people to use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media contents.

Display 48″ Ultra HD up to 84″  and maxi resolution.

Resilience to severe impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals.