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Luxury Retail | May 21, 2024

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Christian Louboutin's Limited-Edition Lipstick - Luxury Retail

Christian Louboutin’s Limited-Edition Lipstick

Christian Louboutin’s Limited-Edition Lipstick Gift Set Tops Our Holiday Wish List

The new Rouge Louboutin Limited-Edition collection includes the iconic Louboutin red in three finishes: silky satin, velvet matte, and sheer voile. And just like the original lipsticks, the bullets are housed in black, gold and silver finishes that can be worn like a pendant around the neck—a gunmetal chain is even included in the set.


“I wanted to work with the idea of jewelry for the next chapter in the red line,” Louboutin said of the collection. “Not only can a woman wear one of my Rouge Louboutin Lip Colors on her lips, but she will be able to adorn herself with this necklace.” When the lipsticks aren’t being worn, they can be stored in their individual silk carrying pouches included in the coffret.

By justluxe