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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Chanel has opened its ephemeral boutique - Luxury Retail

Chanel has opened its ephemeral boutique

Chanel Saint Tropez, all set on the French Riviera. Spring-Summer 2013.

Located in the Hôtel La Mistralée, the same venue for Chanel clients last year. No wonder, have taken up the pool and have settled there headquarters an exclusive fashion and accessories.

All major fashion brands want their particular plot in Saint Tropez. From Karl Lagerfeld to Carolina Herrera and another season, Chanel.

It is a XIX century house restored as a luxury hotel, metal umbrellas and other decorative aged white lacquered bring the summer atmosphere that is about to begin.

Minimalist with a park that gives warmth to the interior of the boutique, the airy windows without glass articles show while play geometrically with the view. Light invades the inner space due to the large number of side windows and roof trusses semiopaque.