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Luxury Retail | September 16, 2019

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Hewlett Packard Smartwatch

19/09/2014 |

Hewlett Packard Made The First Smartwatch In 1977

Smartwatches are a hot topic of conversation these days, and while some consider them to be the most useful and convenient gadgets ever, others question their entire purpose altogether. Either way, most … Read More

Vertu luxury audio

12/09/2014 |

Vertu has become a major architect of the telephone industry of luxury.

With a range of three phones: Signature, Signature Touch and Constellation, Vertu will guide its development in the coming months on the creation and presentation of new products … Read More

Collab Alert: Swarovski for Samsung Gear S

07/09/2014 |

Swarovski for Samsung Gear S are radically different

Part of their ongoing collaboration – remember the Galaxy S III Mini Crystal Edition? – this one’s all about attaching a stylish strap to the smartwatch for some glitz and personalisation.

The … Read More

Mobiado Dedicates its 3rd Art Edition Phone to Gustav Klimt

18/08/2014 |

This time The Professional 3 DC Mobiado which has been fashioned as homage to Gustav Klimt.

The essence of the famed Australian painter has been translated via the extensive 24k gold-plating that encases the brass base, all to gleam in … Read More

SCRIBBLE: 100,000 ink colors available in one pen

09/08/2014 |

Proving whatever you can dream may eventually come true, the Scribble Pen is a concept designed by Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman set out to realize the dream of countless designers, artists, and doodlers who’ve imagined a drawing tool which … Read More

“Titan Zeus”

16/07/2014 |

370-INCH, 4K, Tv Titan Zeus which is bigger than an elephant and cost $1.6million

“Titan Zeus” has the largest dimensions we have ever come across; it measures a whopping 26 by 16 feet. The 370-inch Titan Zeus wall TV is designed … Read More