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Luxury Retail | April 24, 2024

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'Camper Shoes' Teepee Pop-Up - Luxury Retail

‘Camper Shoes’  Teepee Pop-Up

‘Camper Shoes’ Created this Sustainable Teepee Pop-Up Shoe Shop

Architect Diébédo Francis Kéré has constructed a pop-up retail shop for the Camper Shoe company inside the ‘Buckminster Fuller’ dome at the Vitra Campus. The pop-up shop was created to mimic an African teepee. The shop is essentially a circular tent that contains two ring structures comprised of floor to ceiling shelves on the inside. The first ring unit is on the interior perimeter and another smaller ring is set in the center of the tent.


The shelves are all white and and present shoe products and brand information. The white shelves give a crisp clean look that also makes each product pop off the shelves.

The pop-up shop is residing in the inside of a geodesic dome. The structure is complete with an interior mat woven from seagrass that covers the floor.There are also small wooden seating areas that appeal to children and incorporate nature.

By trendhunter