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Luxury Retail | May 22, 2024

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Ballantine’s Special Whiskey Glass - Luxury Retail

Ballantine’s Special Whiskey Glass

Ballantine’s Special Whiskey Glass for Luxe Space Travellers

Forget holidaying in Switzerland or the Bahamas, space vacation is going to be the future of luxury travel. But, the no-gravity atmosphere in space could cause a hindrance to your plan of sipping on a generous peg of whiskey. To let you enjoy fine whiskey even when away from the planet, Ballantine’s created this special zero gravity glass.

One of the top producers of blended Scotch whiskeys Ballantine’s commissioned James Parr of the Open Space Agency to design a glass that helps space travellers sip on luxe single malt just like you would on Earth, even in a no gravity situation.


Ideally, whiskey is best had when it is swirled well in the glass and heated slightly with your palm to release the aromas. This, of course, is not easy in space as liquid floats without gravity. In this special glass, there is an enclosed orb made of medical-grade PLA plastic that keeps the liquid steady. A special whiskey bottle nozzle makes pouring the liquid easy. Next, the liquid is drawn to the rim of the glass for a sip with the help of a spiral of capillaries inside the glass. In addition, there is a magnet base that allows you to rest the glass on metal surface just as a regular one.

This zero-gravity glass by Ballantine’s will change the way luxury seekers travel in space.

By luxpresso