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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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ALMAX Mannequins & More - Luxury Retail

ALMAX Mannequins & More

ALMAX Mannequins & More:  Italian craftsmanship – Making dreams come true

Visiting the Almax´s Factory & Production in Italy might be one of the most memorable, inspiring and sensational experience that a window stylist can ever have.

The word factory comes from “manufactory” building + machinery , it could probably sounds like a huge space with people working as they were machines. This is not the case, inside the building , every single individual seams is concentrated and working in a very single detail , everything is supervised for a dedicated person.
Quality matters
The Almax collections  are made in two eco-sustainable factories in Italy and in China, through the use of high-impact polystyrene, a material which makes them extremely durable, but especially recyclable.
All products are made of water based paint finishing, environmentally friendly and respectful of workers’ health.
Further guarantee of the reliability of Almax is represented by the environmental certification, obtained in 2009.
Thousands of hands, arms , legs, heads and body shapes are moving around , making you to feel like you have been displayed in a giant- fabulous window display music box .
Eco-friendly raw materials and the quality of work environments.
Following the process you can meet up and have an exquisite little chat with “the sculptor” , the man who´s responsible for making your projects come true. He will show you the process from the very beginning.
Paying a visit to Almax´s Factory and their Showroom are highly recommended not only for professionals but also for Universities of Fashion and Design´s students.
Almax have factories and  showrooms in Italy and China and showrooms and warehouses in Switzerland, France, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil.
Every season they create events and invite a selected group of professionals to discover the new collections at their showrooms.