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Luxury Retail | July 13, 2024

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Aesthetic Luxury ‘Destination Men’: Part 1 - Luxury Retail

Aesthetic Luxury ‘Destination Men’: Part 1

Increasing importance of male market in aesthetic luxury over last year

Luxury fashion and cosmetics back men up, not avoiding the fact that it is the woman the person who plays the main role in this world through her decision power and influence.

Luxury for male market

According to the report: “The Luxury and Cosmetics Financial Factbook 2015” En busca del crecimiento sostenible, carried out by Ernst & Young consultancy firm, luxury business has slowed down globally. However, figures are still positive. This evolution comes from the increasing number of consumers and particular investors with high purchasing power, plus a boost in accessory sales and online channel.

Great opportunities for promoting and developing natural cosmetics and men-oriented products can be specially observed in the cosmetics area.

Boost in men’s fashion 

Consultants such as Bain&co are aware of this evolution and point out in their reports that “figures talk and textile industry performs. Big brands aim to attract more attention on their male collections and business groups focus their strategies on that field. This sector has still great growing potential as opposed to what happens with women’s, much more mature and reaching its end. Men are the new ‘darling’ of fashion, with Italian and French fighting for conquering it. It seems that the increasing male market will end up equating female’s regarding sales volume.”

Men: New fashion ‘darlings’

Uprising interest in all aspects related to male luxury is the evidence proving this current change. Meanwhile, a part of the male audience keeps having an interest in cars, tech and sports, with many of them now talking about fashion and men aesthetic-related topics. Luxury brands are now aware of the situation and invest more and more in the sector.

Roberto melena_-19

New trends and aesthetics: Destination Men

Aesthetic Luxury ‘Destination Men’ photoshoot shows that reality. The boost given to men’s fashion by big brands as well as the way they do it — by following aesthetic patterns that don’t define men as we are used to know them but following new trends.


  • Photoshoot: Aesthetic Luxury ‘Destination Men’
  • Production: Instore for Luxury Retail
  • Photo: Oscar Munar
  • Art & Styling: Fernando González-Gualtieri
  • Hair Design: Nando Martins
  • Make up: Sil-Vi
  • Model: Jorg
  • Design Assistant: Luca Brucculeri

Thanks to

Dior Homme

Philipp Plein

Calvin Klein Collection

Custo Barcelona