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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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XI XING LE x Zara to launch a limited collection for the New Year of the Dragon.

XI XING LE X Zara Home come together to launch this limited collection celebrating the New Year of the Dragon. The collection is made up of a small selection of clothing, accessories and decorative objects for the home.

XI XING LE is based on traditional Chinese porcelain, especially the strong colors and beautiful silhouette of wide-color hand-painted porcelain. In this action they wanted to convey the style of 1960s porcelain full of Chinese aesthetics with the modern lifestyle.

Celebrating the new year in China is a social movement, which is why it is a great occasion to create eye-catching collaborations that connect with the audience. To promote this collaboration they have installed this Pop up located in China, being one of the few points where you can physically purchase these items.

Vibrant colors, which undoubtedly catch the attention of any client. Textures, prints and materials that give the space exclusivity. Without a doubt, XI XING LE X Zara have made the Pop up an experience that immerses the customer in the essence of both brands.

In addition, the Xi XING LE brand has shared different short videos on their social networks following the “Fake out of Home” trend, a very popular action in the advertising sector currently. Since it can only be purchased in China, I think this makes it more exclusive and generates FOMO in customers from other countries. What did you think of this collaboration?

By Shop Drop Daily