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Luxury Retail | July 13, 2024

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"The Peacock" Luxury JukeBox - Luxury Retail

“The Peacock” Luxury JukeBox

Luxury Handcrafted Jukebox Exclusive to Harrods

In response to the rising popularity of vinyl and love of classic design amongst their clientele, Harrods customers can now own the ultimate souvenir, an exclusively designed vinyl-playing jukebox.

Brand new and entirely bespoke to the luxury brand, it features the famous bird images within the cabinet and is hand-made in the UK.

Produced by Yorkshire-based Sound Leisure, which has specialized in manufacturing bespoke classic jukeboxes for over 40 years, each jukebox is hand-built by master craftsmen and women using traditional methods. Manufactured from high-quality wood, each ply formed cabinet is hand polished and adorned with brushed gold effect aluminum decorative castings, LED illumination ensures that the color of the lighting can be adjusted to suit any location.

The jukebox which retails at $18,000+, holds 70 vinyl singles and can be supplied to work on any voltage. A Bluetooth receiver and microphone input comes as standard and the juke can be linked to smart technologies.

External matching speakers can be connected and controlled independently from the jukebox and it can even have a coin mechanism installed. The machine is set to free play as standard.

By justluxe