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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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The Gastronomy journey by Dom Pérignon - Luxury Retail

The Gastronomy journey by Dom Pérignon

From July 23 to December 30, 2015, eight of Singapore’s finest restaurants will be embarking on Dom Pérignon’s first Gastronomy Journey to celebrate the launch of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, where diners will be taken on a culinary experiences that illustrate the intense and vibrant facets of the champagne. Due to the limited production linked to the challenging nature of the 2005 harvest, access to the Dom Perignon 2005 in Singapore has been carefully curated and only select partners including the below participating restaurants are offered this exceptional vintage.

Using the finest ingredients, these gastronomic creations have been crafted to reveal the varied nuances of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005 on the palate, while elevating the rarity and richness of the champagne. The Gastronomy Journey’s commitment is to go beyond the standard pairings based on aromas to explore other aspects, such as confronting textures, matching intensity with intensity or generating tension.

Here are the participating restaurants with their own unique pairing menus…

The Menu created by Bacchanalia is a seamless blend of existing menu dishes tweaked and adjusted to better suit the great Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005 and a collection of plates created exclusively with this champagne’s character in mind. One of the highlights, the Scallop and Rose Ceviche, is a dish that makes use of this champagne’s versatile ability to withstand and harmonise well with spice, strong umami, rich textures and floral notes.


Some of menu items include, Jamon iberico, smoked tomato jam, manchego cheese – the blend of flavors from the savory nature of the ham, sweet smokiness of the jam and mild sharpness of machengo, matches perfectly with the bubbles; Eye of Ribeye, charred scallion, whisky mustard – the strong character of this vintage goes well the bold and classic taste of woodfire grilled grass-fed beef and mustard, enhanced by the charcoal grilled scallion.


Gruyere Ravioli,pumpkin, pancetta fricassee, veal jus emulsion – the earthiness of Gruyere, sweetness of pumpkin and smokiness of pancetta create a savory palate with a hint of sweetness. This dish pairs very well with intense fruits notes and praline charater of the Dom Perignon 2005. Gratinated Maine Lobster, cauliflower purée, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, lobster reduction – this is an intense dish. The sweetness of lobster, pairs well with the dried tomato and onion. This dish pairs well with the weight and richness of the Dom Perignon 2005.


The light, crisp texture complements the more delicate elements of the menu, such as the Tai and the Carabineros prawn. The vintage’s minerality lends refreshment to the richer components of the menu. The notes of spice and coriander also stand up nicely to the pepper and smoke of the tataki and the charcoal and ginger in the Wagyu.


Modern French Cuisine takes centre stage in this fine dining restaurant which was opened by award winning chef Gunther Hubrechsen. Gunther’s food is down to earth – like the man himself – yet deftly executed to perfection with elegance and finesse. His gift lies in his ability to reinterpret classic dishes and flavours, breathing new life into them in terms of both taste and presentation.


The beauty and defining principle of traditional Kaisekiryori is that dishes are inspired by and feature the very best produce available during the season. At Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, the freshest seasonal ingredients are shipped in from Kyoto and Tsukiji Market, creating a gastronomic experience that transports guests to the finest restaurants of Kyoto from the heart of Singapore. Kaiseki Yoshiyuki’s focus on seasonality creates a unique pairing with Dom Perignon.


The succulent sweetness of the Alaskan king crab and gentle seasaltiness of Ossetra Caviar offers a boosting counterpoint to the vibrant richness of the Dom Perignon champagne. Slow-Roasted Milk-Fed Veal Loin adds a tender distinction with the saffron risotto and shaved summer truffle balancing perfectly with the zesty bubbly.


To complement the pure and rare Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, Chef Wun has crafted the menu with a focus on seafood. The vintage has warm tasty notes with a flowery yet spicy finish, which pairs effortlessly with a range of seafood. The menu highlights include the trio of appetisers comprising shrimps and scallops, a delectable dish of oven-baked sea perch fillet with crisp skin and tender meat, and the Pipa-style beancurd which is deep fried for a crusty outer layer and accompanied with flavorsome crab meat sauce.


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