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Luxury Retail | May 21, 2024

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Syncrosonic Technology:Braun series 9 - Luxury Retail

Syncrosonic Technology:Braun series 9

Braun’s all new Series 9 is something to behold

Touted as the world’s most efficient and comfortable electric shaver, it promises to remove more hair in the first stroke than any other shaver. This feat has been tested and proven on 3-day beards. This sleek machine delivers maximum performance in fewer strokes without compromising on skin comfort. Its breakthrough SyncroSonic cutting system made of four fully synergized elements, will give men the most sophisticated and intelligent Braun shave experience yet. The advanced shaver head cuts through every type of hair so fast that skin doesn’t even have time to get irritated. The Series 9 is the combination of superior cutting performance with utmost efficiency, enabling the user to navigate even the most challenging areas of skin and neck effortlessly.

The secret behind the new fully flexible SyncroSonic shaving head is technology that gets the job done with fewer strokes and reduced pressure on the skin. Like a team of pit-stop engineers, each of the four elements has a unique purpose – they work in total harmony to lift, trim and finally cut hairs. This intelligent shaver “reads” the skin contour and adapts to the face. While other shavers need to go over the same spot several times to achieve a perfect result, the four elements work seamlessly together to capture every type of hair – in less strokes.


The two centre ‘specialists’, the HyperLift&Cut Trimmer and the Direct&Cut Trimmer lift, direct, trim and cut problematic facial hair. The first takes on flat-lying hairs, while the latter specifically grabs and shaves hairs growing in different directions. They work in perfect synchronisation with two OptiFoil shaving foils, which cut the hairs as close to the skin as possible. This highly precise and harmonic ‘teamplay’ reduces the need to shave problem areas like the neck over and over again, minimizing the risk that top layers of the skin get cut during shaving, which is the most common reason for shaving-induced skin irritation.

A perfect blend of form, function and style combined with the meticulous attention to detail is what makes this shaver so unmistakably Braun. Beautifully designed and engineered for absolute efficiency, the iconic patterned handle gives the expert grip to power your shave with effortless control. The cool 5-stage blue LED display underlines the timeless splendour of the shaver, it keeps the user in control and always up-to-date on the performance of the device and the status of its Li-Ion battery.

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