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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Swarovski opens flagship store on New York's Fifth Avenue

Swarovski opens flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue

Swarovski unveiled on Friday its largest flagship store yet on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Designed by Swarovski’s creative director Giovanna Engelbert, the store aims to pay homage to the beauty of crystal with the iconic Swarovski Octagon embedded throughout the store’s design.

Spanning 1,300 square meters across two floors, two giant gems frame the entrance, while myriad octagons adorn the walls. A grand pink octagon-shaped staircase leads customers to the upper floor, where a white boutique space is dedicated to Swarovski Created Diamonds. The first floor also features a lounge area serving refreshments in Swarovski’s signature Rosenthal China and a space for customers to personalize and customize their purchases.

“As New York is an iconic fashion capital and also feels like a second home to me, it is exciting to see our flagship on 5th Avenue come to life. I wanted to create the experience of entering a huge crystal – the world of Swarovski – and to ignite the imagination from the moment you step into the store,” said Engelbert.

“From the grand staircase in the shape of an octagon to the use of quilted velvet and silk throughout the store, all details are intended to provide customers the feeling of being inside a luxurious jewellery box. My vision was to produce a modern, joyful, elevated, and futuristic design which mirrors the light, energy, and colours of New York.”

The flagship houses everything from crystal jewelry and home décor to eyewear, tableware, and limited-edition products. It also showcases crystallized collaborations with global brands such as ’47 x MLB for the iconic New York Yankee cap and I Heart NY, alongside fine jewelry collections made with lab-grown diamonds.

“Swarovski on Fifth is a major milestone for Swarovski, and stands as a symbol of our brand evolution. This unique store will make Manhattan shine brighter, allowing New Yorkers to experience all the facets of our brand in one luxury destination that brings to life Swarovski’s creativity, savoir-faire, elegance and 128-year heritage,” added Alexis Nasard, Swarovski CEO.

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