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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Superb Limited Edition Ocean Kitchen - Luxury Retail

Superb Limited Edition Ocean Kitchen

Superb Limited Edition Ocean Kitchen By Robert Kolenik

The most amazing home decorations are usually inspired by nature and its endless beauty, which is why having a large, beautifully illuminated fish tank in your kitchen is a great idea, especially if that fish tank is nicely integrated into the design.

The Limited edition Ocean Kitchen was created by a Dutch designer named Robert Kolenik, and it consists of a high quality counter top that sits above a beautiful fish tank.


This modern product flaunts a series of high-end mechanical systems that allow its user to raise or lower the top part of the aquarium simply and efficiently at the touch of a button. The entire installation boasts a practical L shape, which means that it occupies little space and leaves plenty of room for other must-haves such as cabinets. By blending a superb décor piece with fully functional kitchen appliances, Robert Kolenik managed to create a great product that can dramatically increase the enjoyment we get from cooking.

By luxedb