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Luxury Retail | April 13, 2024

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Peacock Print de Nine West - Luxury Retail

Peacock Print de Nine West

A new proposal regarding luxury accessories for women has come from the hand of Nine West. This is a very original clutch has been named Peacock Print and is in sight why his name. An interesting aspect is that, apparently, the feathers are real.

Clutch original animal inspiration: the model Peacock Print from Nine West

The fact that peacock feathers are not simply the pattern which decorates the small bag can be public for and against, as often happens when a piece of clothing or accessory uses animals to be created. However, beyond this caveat, we can see that the part of Nine West is very striking and contrasting colors that are seductive.

Peacock Print seems to go well with any look, whether more or less formal, as well as brightly colored outfits accompany, cakes or the classic black.

Note that this firm has created, along with this clutch, other proposals, such as shoes can also be perfectly combined.